Looking forward to trying this, then fajitas can be back on the menu!

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our-growing-edge-badgeI was recently invited by Genie over at the blog Bunny. Eats. Design. to take part in a monthly event she is hosting called Our Growing Edge. Genie describes Our Growing Edge as the part of ourselves that is still learning and experimenting and the aim of this food-related event is to encourage us to challenge ourselves by trying new things. I was very pleased to be invited: as I told her, nearly every time I set foot in the kitchen, I have a challenge of one sort or another facing me! Do check out her round-up of all the entries at the beginning of next month and see what everyone else has been up to. You never know, it may inspire you to try something new as well!

These soft flour tortillas seemed perfect for this challenge. Tortillas are so versatile: they are relatively quick to make, especially…

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Labelling problems and “horse gate”

I’ve been watching the unfolding horse meat saga with a lot of worry. Not as you might think because I might have eaten horse. I’m not concerned by the thought of eating different meats and might give it a try next time I go ti France.
My concern over this whole issue is that the labelling is clearly wrong and that leads me to wonder what other ingredients have been missed off food labels.
I’m severely allergic to wheat and have to carry epipens everywhere I go so I am reliant on food manufacturers and retailers getting their labels right. It then led me to wondering how many people have had reactions to food as their particular allergen was missed off the label.
It’s quite worrying and I’ll be keeping a close eye on this as I’m sure it’ll be in the news for a long time to come.

Warburtons name change

There has been a fair amount of complaint about the fact that Warburtons have changed the name of their wheat free products to Newburn Bakehouse. This doesn’t particularly bother me to be honest, after all, the supermarkets have free from ranges that are generally packaged differently so you can differentiate between those and standard products. I live on my own now so there is no chance of me accidentally eating the wrong bread however, my ex husband used to eat Warburtons regular bread and with the packaging being similar, it was more likely to happen then. Luckily, we kept my food away from his so it wouldn’t have done but, at a quick glance, they didn’t look too different.

The other reason that I am not particularly worried about the name change is the fact that they kept us aware and still have their name on the packaging. Shouldn’t we be more worried about what’s in the packaging though? I bought a brown Newburn Bakehouse loaf and it tastes no different to me, just as soft and tasty as it ever was. Yes, I wish the loaves were slightly bigger but you can’t have everything!

Carry on Warburtons/Newburn Bakehouse, you’re OK by me!