Fried egg baguette

I tried my Newburn Bakehouse baguette today. As I’d forgotten to get it out of the freezer yesterday, I defrosted it in the microwave which was easy. I then popped it in the oven as recommended for 5 minutes. It smelt gorgeous, almost as if I’d made it myself!
It was crispy on the outside and lovely and soft inside, perfect to go with my fried eggs.
I like the fact that they are the right size for 1 person, I did cut mine in half just to make it easier to eat. I am looking forward to making garlic bread with these baguettes and I’m desperately hoping that my local supermarkets will stock them!
I’ll be trying the wraps over the weekend.

I’m a taste tester!

On their Facebook page recently, Newburn Bakehouse (Warburtons) asked for people who wanted to try their soon to be launched products to send them a message, so I did. I got a message to say I was having some products sent to me to try and I got them this morning. I’m glad I did, it’s saved me a trip to buy bread!
In my box I had all 4 of their new products: a multi seeded loaf (600g!), breakfast muffins, baguettes and, brace yourselves wraps!
So far this morning, I’ve tried the loaf as I’ve had 2 bits of toast and I treated myself to a muffin.
The bread is very tasty and light. My toaster is set for the brown bread and the seeded was slightly overdone. Not burnt though so still edible. The flavour of the seeds comes through really well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to eat a competitors seeded loaf byte this one was far better.
Now on to the muffins, fruit muffins with golden syrup. Most people get excited over currants and sultanas, I can’t stand them but in these muffins they’re not as over powering as they could be. These muffins are as moist as the other varieties and I am resisting the temptation to go and eat the second one! I can honestly say that although I don’t like the fruity bit of these muffins I would buy them. If that doesn’t persuade you of their awesomeness I don’t know what will.
The wraps and baguettes went in the freezer and will stay there until I’ve bought the perfect things to go in them. Once I’ve used them I’ll let you know how they are. Judging by the rest of their products, I’m sure they’ll be brilliant.
I would like the chance to thank Newburn Bakehouse for giving me the chance to try these products. If you want to know more about them, go to their website: