This is a worry. I understand how unpleasant the effects of eating gluten are for anyone with coeliac disease however, I have a life threatening wheat allergy and this sort of mix up could lead to me dying. I have been wheat free since 2006 and am not shy about telling restaurants, just like the lady in the article and to date have only had a reaction once and that was to a small piece of noodle in my chinese take away. The restaurant was devastated as they had wheat free soy sauce especially for people like me and all the cooking equipment was separate too. Luckily for me, the reaction wasn’t too severe although it did warrant a trip to A&E and a subsequent need to carry epipens. I would like to be able to help restaurants ensure that their staff are aware of the impact an error like this could cause and maybe even help them ensure that cross contamination does not occur but as a regular member of the public, I probably don’t have enough pull!