Aldi white wheat free bread

As promised, I have been out and bought the white variety of the new Aldi Has No wheat free bread. There isn’t a huge amount to comment about on it’s look, it is white bread and at least it looks white not that weird putty colour that some white loaves have.

It toasts really well and like the multigrain loaf, I double checked the packet after the first bite. I have also used it un-toasted for bacon sandwiches. It was drier than the multigrain bread but not unpleasantly so; it didn’t take pints of water to get 2 bacon sandwiches swallowed which is a bonus. It was definitely better toasted but wasn’t uncomfortable to eat untoasted and there was no aftertaste unlike some of the other white breads i have tried previously. 

I would like to see Aldi add to their Has No range but not too quickly as that affect the quality of the finished product. I just wish I had a big enough freezer to stock up on both of these loaves of bread, well done Aldi. 

Oh and if you would like someone to taste any of your new wheat free products, just let me know! 

I love Aldi and their wheat free multigrain bread

Last year, Aldi opened a new store in my home town and I go in there quite often as I am on a limited budget and can often save money compared to Asda and Tesco. However, until today, I haven’t been able to buy any wheat free bread in Aldi.

I went in to today having heard that some of their stores are trialling their “free from” bread. It’s called Has No and the packaging states that it is gluten free, low fat and high fibre. It is available in 2 varieties, white and multigrain. I chose the multigrain and will buy and blog the white loaf in a few days.

As usual, the loaf is small at 400g but it is ony £1.79 so I will let them off. I nearly did a little dance there in the aisle as the normal supermarket own loaves are over £2; a saving of 21p may not be much but it is better than a slap in the face!

I opened the bag and sniffed the bread, I always do this when trying a new brand of wheat free bread. This had a malty smell akin to regular multiseeded breads I have eaten, if I remember correctly. The slices are small but very soft and fresh looking so I popped 2 in the toaster. Now, admittedly, when the toast was done, I did spead it with garlic and herb soft cheese but that made no difference to the taste and texture taste, I promise.

After the first bite was swallowed, I ran into the kitchen to make sure I had picked up the right bread as it was soft yet crunchy. I could taste the sourdough flavour and bite into it safely without it crumbling all over me. I have eaten both Newburn Bakehouse and Genius seeded loaves and the Aldi one is far superior in my opinion. In the evening, I decided to try 2 slices untoasted. The slices felt just as they did when I opened the bag earlier, they are not as dry as other wheat free loaves. I spread low fat spread on them and took my first bite. It was a little dry in the mouth but to be honest, it could be tolerated as the bread tastes so good. It is definitely more moist than other ranges and I am definitely going to try a sandwich tomorrow to see how it stands up to being open for a couple of days.

In short, buy it, stash it, eat it! This is how wheat free bread is supposed to be, in my opinion at least.