Free From – Morrisons

Free From – Morrisons.

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I saw this on Facebook today. I think it’s brilliant that supermarkets are recognising that people with allergies need a wider range of food but do we really need more cakes? How about improving the savoury items in free from ranges? I would like to see all sorts of bread-based items rather than cakes etc and I have a seriously sweet tooth. How about more wraps, rolls, baguettes etc that I can use for lunches especially when I am out and about.

If you work for Morrisons and are feeling hard done by, I am not aiming this specifically at Morrisons but all supermarkets that add cakes and biscuits to their free from ranges but neglect the rest of the range to some degree.


Twitter / asda: Our new Free From section on …

Twitter / asda: Our new Free From section on ….

I saw this and had a look, they have gluten free and wheat free items listed separately which is good for me as I have a wheat allergy and some gluten free foods are not suitable for me. I squeaked when I saw that they sell wheat free tagliatelle, I haven’t had that since my diagnosis in 2007! My ex used to steam salmon and broccoli and serve it on tagliatelle with a hollandaise sauce, looking forward to being able to eat that again, thank you Asda!

via Twitter / asda: Our new Free From section on ….