Frankie and Benny are my best friends

I took my friend’s daughter to my local Frankie and Benny’s last weekend for dinner during my babysitting duties. It was a really popular choice as always. The child’s menu is impressive, large selection of foods well cooked and presented for less than £5 including drink and pudding, not bad huh?

As usual, I discussed my allergy with the waiter and asked what I could have on the menu, I usually go there for breakfast, not dinner. He then asks me some in depth questions about my allergy, asks me to wait a second and then comes back with a gluten free menu! I was astounded and happy all in one measure although I nearly cried when I saw that lamb shanks were on the menu. I have not had lamb shanks in a restaurant for almost 8 years, can you say delirious? 

I asked the waiter about the menu afterwards and he said that it had only been in place for a couple of weeks. I am definitely looking forward to going back for dinner and trying the rest of the items on the menu!

The best bit for me is that the prices haven’t been inflated so I don’t pay any more than another diner for something similar or the same, good job Frankie and Benny!