Nice bit of crumpet

I am so sorry for the corny title, I just couldn’t resist it! Anyway, onto the serious subject of crumpets, I love them. Everyone who knows me knows I also love cake but crumpets are way up there too. Since I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, I have been hoping that someone would make half decent crumpets. A couple of supermarkets tried but they were thin and rock hard, not like crumpets at all. 

I walked into my local Asda a week or so ago and discovered Genius crumpets and bought them without really expecting anything like the regular crumpets I vaguely remember. I was so wrong!

I popped them in the toaster and stood watching it, as you do. When they were done I took them out and spread peanut butter on them, I wasn’t going to waste the last bit of jam on something I’d not tried before. I could say that I ate them quickly but truth is, I inhaled them. They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just like a decent crumpet should be. If I could do back-flips or cartwheels, I probably would have but my flat was safe from my dodgy gymnastic abilities.

These crumpets are, without doubt the best I have had at least while I have been wheat free. I put the other 2 in my freezer and had them about a week later. According to the pack, you can’t toast these from frozen so I didn’t try and took them out the day before I wanted to eat them so I knew that they would have defrosted in time. They tasted great with the last of my jam and, if possible, I ate them even more quickly than the first two!

I do tend to shop around a lot when trying to find decent wheat free bakery products but as long as they keep making their crumpets this good, I will be buying Genius crumpets forever.

Today's crumpets and jam

Today’s crumpets and jam

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