Dietary Specials frozen rolls

Yesterday, I was one of those annoying people who stroll into Tesco 15 minutes before closing. I had a short list of things to get, one of which was bread. I strolled to the aisle and to my surprise, there was no wheat free bread left. I picked up a packet of DS Ciabatta rolls and wandered away. I then walked into the frozen aisle to look at the wheat free pizzas when I spotted a pack of frozen DS white rolls. They were £2.50 for 6 rolls whereas as the ciabatta was £2 for 4 so I put the frozen ones in my basket and took the ciabatta rolls back.

Never having had the frozen rolls, I took 2 put of the packet to defrost last night, putting them in a food bag and leaving them on the side. When I got up, they were defrosted and not soggy which I wasn’t expecting. The packet says that they can be eaten straight after defrosting or put in the oven for 8 minutes. So that I could test them properly, I ate one straight way and put the other in the oven to eat later.

I haven’t had a great experience with rolls previously but the first one was brilliant, soft and chewy just like a regular roll (from what I remember!) The roll wasn’t dry like so many other wheat free products can be and there was no discernible after-taste through the Tesco cheese and onion filling.

A few hours later, I ate the roll I had baked, the bottom was beautifully soft with a crisp, crusty top. Mine was perhaps a little overdone but that is due to owning a mini oven where I have to guess certain temperatures. I put the same filling in so that I could test them both under the same conditions and again it didn’t disappoint. So much so that I am going to make them a regular purchase and make sure that I always have at least 1 pack in my freezer at any time. I currently have another 2 sitting in a food bag on the side ready for tomorrow’s packed lunch.

Although £2.50 seems a lot for 6 rolls, it does work out at 42p per roll which is only 2p more than a regular white crusty roll when bought loose from Tesco (yes, I checked!) and I think that makes a huge changes, a comparable gluten free option that you don’t have to take a mortgage out to buy, good job Dietary Specials!

4 thoughts on “Dietary Specials frozen rolls

  1. lorri villada says:

    I cannot get the tolls either. So disappointing. They are the best ones I’ve tasted and I’ve been wheat allergic for 20 years now.

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