Genius seeded bread

I started buying Genius bread many years ago and always enjoyed it, despite the price. As my financial situation changed, I started buying cheaper wheat free bread out of necessity. While Tesco have improved their loaves a lot, I do still occasionally pick up the odd loaf of Genius bread, more recently their seeded loaf.
The bread is light, not too much but enough to not have doughy bits after it’s toasted. The seeds are well spread out and the flavour is great. It is also moist enough to use without toasting it first which is great for me as a lover of egg and bacon sandwiches.

I recently bought a Newburn Bakehouse seeded loaf and it didn’t live up to the Genius one at all, the slices fell apart and it was dry despite the dippy egg I had sandwiched in it.

So, if you fancy a change from normal white or brown bread, I heartily recommend the Genius seeded loaf, it may be expensive at £3 a loaf (in Tesco) but it is a price well worth paying, in my opinion at least.

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