Tasty chutney

Last weekend, I went to the local farmers market in Corporation Street car park, Rochester, Kent (UK for those of my international readers).

I follow several of the stall holders on Twitter but the lady who gets my mention today is too busy for social media, sadly. Most of the chutneys I used to buy in the days when I could eat wheat are no longer available to me so when I saw Joanne’s Preserves stall, I wandered over to see if there was any that I could eat. After a little bit of a chat, I bought a jar of tomato chutney with the promise that should I react to it, I would call and let Joanne know.

Later that day, I cooked some sausages and had them with the chutney. The sausages were tasty enough but the chutney was amazing. So much so that I had more the following day in a ham sandwich and with some cheese. I don’t think there is much left of the small jar that I bought but I know I can get more so I don’t mind.

As I didn’t have a reaction to the chutney, I thought it would be nice of me to call Joanne and let her know so I did just that. I interrupted her jamming and pickling but she was still happy to chat. She was really pleased to hear that I was OK with it and told me that she would change ingredients in most of her products if people don’t like something specific, like onions or mustard, as an example.

Joanne is really friendly and, amazingly has only been in business for 2 years, making everything in her own kitchen. I have included a link to her website but in Joanne’s own words, it is just so she has an online presence but her contact number is on there and she is happy for people to call and discuss her products and place orders as well as visiting her at farmer’s markets.

If you are in Kent, she is also at the Upchurch farmers market which is held in the village hall on the 4th Sunday of every month. My next purchase is quite likely to be either marrow and aubergine pickle or hot marrow pickle, can’t wait to try either of those!

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