By Heck they’re good!

I saw a post on Twitter from Nigella Lawson showing a sandwich she had made with square sausage made by Heck. I got a little over excited by this as I haven’t had square sausage in years and was stunned to find a wheat free version. Square sausage is also known by the name Lorne Sausage and you can read about it here if you have never heard of it before. 

Sadly, my local Tesco doesn’t stock the square version but, as all of Heck’s sausages are gluten free, I picked up a pack of their 97% pork sausages and practically ran home to eat them. I am a little suspicious of some wheat free sausages as they seem to be an afterthought and I have had some that have had a really nasty after-taste. Not so with Heck I am pleased to say. They are just as a sausage should be, juicy without pouring with fat and hugely tasty with no nasty after-taste. 

I had them in sandwiches (of course!) on Genius seeded bread with ketchup and they were fantastic! They are comparable price-wise to other gluten free sausages but are specifically made to be that way rather than the way some manufacturers feel the need to provide a gluten free option. Unfortunately, my local Tesco is quite small so I only get the one option so I shall be shopping around the Tescos in Medway so that I can discover (and eat) the whole range. Keep it up Heck, you’ve won over my stomach!

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