I have frequently seen other gluten free bloggers mention the great food that Ilumi offer but have only just decided to order from them. I took advantage of a special offer that got me some freebies and a discount which is always nice. It arrived today and my stomach started rumbling as I looked at it all. I took advantage of the starter for ten offer, I ordered chicken massaman curry, tom kha gai (Thai chicken) soup, white basmati rice and venison casserole with pancetta and sloe gin and got tomato and red pepper soup, lentil dahl and a bottle of Celia gluten free lager for free and it all cost just £10!

My plans for a homemade lentil curry disappeared and instead I had the massaman curry with rice and lentil dahl (I was hungry). IT was amazing! I often buy another brand of microwave rice which often clumps together and is too much for one person especially as my appetite is slowly shrinking. The Ilumi rice was a revelation, it wasn’t clumpy and once it came out of the microwave, it was perfectly cooked and just the right amount. The curry wasn’t hot spice-wise and had a slightly sour taste which you would expect from any Thai curry. The lentil dahl was out of this world and although I’ll be cooking my own lentil dahl tomorrow, it will go in the freezer as it can’t compete with Ilumi’s! I will confess to not liking lager and so drinking that will have to wait until tomorrow when it is nice and cold from being in the fridge and I have some lemonade to go with it. 

I am also really looking forward to the other pouches, particularly the venison, but really couldn’t wait that long to review what I received. The reason for this is not just that I found the food really tasty and completely unlike a pre-cooked “ready meal” but also because of the service I received.

I ordered this pack on Thursday and got an email confirming despatch on Friday. With the weekend being a long one, I rang them just before am today to confirm whether or not I would receive my pack today. The man I spoke to said he could arrange it to be delivered today as it was so early in the day. No disrespect to him but I suspected that was not possible but thanked him anyway and went about my day which was so unexciting I won’t bore you with it. Imagine my surprise when my pack was delivered just after 5.30 this evening. I practically danced into the kitchen with it, I couldn’t believed he’d managed to arrange it and my belly is certainly pleased that he did. 

So, go to their website, lick the screen as you read all about their delicious meals and place an order, I know I will be again. I usually don’t bother buying specifically wheat and gluten free meals like this as I am on an extremely tight budget but Ilumi have got a new customer due to their impeccable service and reasonable pricing. My orders will be small in price but huge on taste, that is something I value when finding a decent gluten free supplier. 

I would have taken a photo of tonight’s meal but I inhaled it too quickly for that!